The Joy in Jolley


Beauty should be good for you.

Mission: Getting safer products into the hands of everyone!


My Why!

To be honest, I never really put much consideration into what I put into and on my body when I was younger. I knew the basics- wear sunscreen, eat sugar and junk food in moderation, and exercise. It was not until I had been married a few years and trying for our first baby that I realized that overall health was more than exercise and what you put in your body. What is equally important to consider what you are putting on your body topically. Many of you might know our infertility struggles and I know we are not alone in this area but for those that are not familiar, I will give you a quick background. My husband, Adam and I had a hard time getting pregnant with our first child. After 6 failed IUI's, 2 ivf's and hundreds of shots and medications I was putting in my body nothing was working. It was during this time that we decided to take a break. During this break, I went off all medications, ate organically and started yoga. After that first month, we became pregnant naturally. I am not a doctor but I am certain that years of what I put into my body could have contributed to my infertility.Don't get me wrong we all still enjoy a trip to taco bell and craft beer but we are trying to live a healthier lifestyle starting with the products we use at home. It is not too late to start. I want my kids to be healthier and more informed than I was!