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Joint Birthday Party for the Win

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I absolutely love to party plan! I am not such a huge fan of large events but anything under 50 people is my jam. I believe it is all in the details and that planning a fantastic party does not have to break the bank. Do you notice a trend here?! I am all about saving money! 

I especially love birthdays and always go above and beyond to make those I adore know they are loved on their special day.  I will do another post soon on ways to do this that are easy and under $25.


My boys both have birthdays 6 weeks apart so this year since my oldest was not going to invite his classmates I decided to throw a joint birthday party and they LOVED it. Nolan even said it was "the best day of my life"! With all the kids that were going to be coming I knew for my sanity I should not host this at my house so we decided to rent a party room at a local indoor play area, Recreations Outlet. The theme was outerspace, specifically the moon...because we are all obsessed with the moon in the Jolley house. I ordered personalized favor tags and food labels from Etsy and cute shirts for the boys from Little Cotton Apparel. We ordered pizza from Jets (still in theme, lol) and had an amazing cake made from Oliver's Desserts. The extra treats we decided to have were: star crunch, milky ways, moon pies and outer space cookies. And all of the paper plates/silverware goods were purchased from Target (my #2 go to behind Amazon Prime). For the party favors we ordered glow in the dark stars and planets, moon pies, space shuttle glider and star sunglasses all purchased via Amazon.  

The kids all had a great time and the best part was I had to do little clean up because it was not at my house. I am not sure we will always be able to do joint parties becuase as the boys get older they will want to invite all their own friends but this time around it worked perfectly!