The Joy in Jolley

More Than Just a Moon

Angela JolleyComment

My very talented friend, Cole Imperi, with Doth helped me design my logo for our new blog. She is amazing and also did all of our Dulce Designs branding and website as well as this one...she is my go to with with just about anything and everything business related or otherwise!

Inside our last name Jolley you can also find the letters to spell Joy, thus the name The Joy in Jolley was born and fit my new family/lifestyle blog PERFECTLY. I still wanted our new blog to tie into my Dulce Designs website and blog since it is a sister site to that one, so you will see the same herringbone pattern located on both...just in different colors.


Lastly, the moon icon...this is my favorite part! Growing up my grandma Grace and I have always had a special bond over the moon. To this day we call each other all the time to make sure the other oneis sure to look out and peek at it if it is extra special that night. She is 89 and still very active in her retirement home and my season in life is crazy with two little ones but our calls to one another remain constant! I have passed my love and tradition of the moon down to my family...we never miss taking an opportunity to look for it shining in the sky. I told Cole this and she came up with our icon for our family blog. The moon is divided into four parts to represent the four of us in the Jolley family and at the very top is a small, single circle which represents my grandma. A very special logo for sure!

Thank you again to Cole for knowing what I would love and designing it!