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7 Favorite Summer Candies

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When I think of summer candies I think of my days at the pool when I was a kid and my mom giving me $5 to last the whole day...all of which was spent on candy to be eaten during the dreaded pool breaks! There are just those candies that make you think of the beach and sunny days. I do not associate chocolate with summer, to me that is more of a fall/winter kind of thing. For summer I think of chewy, sour, fruity candies and I know that these candies are available all year round but there is just something about warm weather that makes me crave certain candies. I think even alot of my brides do this because during the summer months some of the candies I have listed below are a favorite for them also. I personally think it is the bright fun colors they come in, the fruity flavors and the childhood memories it brings back, something about summer candy is just so FUN!! Okay, on to the list of 7 favorite summer candies chosen by me and in no particular order. Although, salt water taffy is my favorite... especially the orange and I like them slightly melted so they are super soft and somewhat sticking to the paper! Salt water taffy

Salt water taffy

Charm's blow pops


Licorice ropes

Lemon heads

Fruit slices

Laffy Taffy

Wat are some of your favorite summer candies? Do any of these candies bring back a special summer memory for you?! Feel free to share :)