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A New and Refreshed Dulce

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The new Dulce Designs is finally here and I am so excited to share all the new things we have to offer. It’s been 5 years since our initial launch and we’re feeling that it may be time to spruce up. Over the last year I kept getting the same requests…"can you give me tips and tricks so I can do my candy/dessert buffet myself?” I’ve often had brides take photos of my displays at bridal shows so they can imitate it for their own upcoming event. All of that combined with the rise of Pinterest, made me realize we are in an era of DIY clients. The new Dulce Designs is perfect for those wishing to do just that. I will give you EVERYTHING you need in order for you to “do it yourself” on the day of your event!

A huge benefit of the new Dulce Designs is a lowering of prices for our brides and clients.  Since we at Dulce are not doing the actual design, set-up, and take-down of the event, we are able to offer you prices that are much more affordable.  Another exciting benefit to our new mission is you are able to take create your own display; either seen via Pinterest or maybe something you created yourself.  This allows you to take full ownership of your own design, which is what DIY is all about.

You are not on your own completely though with the new Dulce, I will give you my best tips and tricks that I have learned over the years as well as candy/popcorn suggestions. Most of our packages already include ribbon and custom labels to match your event perfectly. For local clients we rent out our jars, scoops and other supplies at a price that is hard to beat!

Maybe you’re not into “do it yourself" (which is totally fine…it is not for everyone). Perhaps you already have so much on your plate with other party details and just want someone else to take this on. Well, we can do that for you! For our local brides not only are we able to rent our supplies but for one set price we can also do all the designing, set-up/take-down, delivery all while working closely with your other vendors so you do not have to do anything but just enjoy!

Lastly, something brand new we are offering to our clients is our Sweet Soiree package. This is a party planning package that gets the ball rolling and allows you to ultimately “do it yourself” with just a little bit of help from Dulce. We will have a phone consult where we will discuss a theme for your event and other details and from there Dulce Designs will create an inspiration board including but not limited to: food/drink suggestions, dessert ideas, party favors, games and basic décor. Included with the inspiration board we will even give you websites and stores where you can purchase some of the items you will need along with some tips and tricks to make the party run smoothly.

Along with all of these fantastic things that are sure to sweeten your next event…I will also be providing other DIY ideas on our blog that are outside of just party planning and dessert buffets. My family recently moved into a brand new house and we are busy decorating and making it into a home. On top of all that, we have a very active 20 month old whom I love to create fun activities for us to do together. 

Dulce Designs started as a wedding favor which is often a new beginning to the next chapters of our lives.  My goal is to share whatever tips, tricks, and hobbies I pick up as the story continues.  Please explore around the new site and feel free to contact me if you’re not quite sure what would be your best fit.  Our mission is to make your event as enjoyable and carefree as possible.  After all…Life is Sweet.

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