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A Winter Wedding

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Winter Wedding: photo courtesy of JMM Photography

I know the last thing we want to think about lately is winter due to this fabulous weather, but I had to share some photos from a candy/coffee buffet I did for a wedding around Valentine's day. The wedding was for my good friend Lindsey and her fiance Mike, whom I might add are such a perfect couple! They had a smaller, more intimate event so the candy buffet that I did reflected that in being a bit smaller itself...but definitely not lacking in deliciousness.  All of the candy itself was red in color and a wide variety from M&M's to licorice. I also had the pleasure to design a coffee/hot chocolate buffet (which was perfect for this snowy night). This particular buffet included marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, chocolate covered espresso mix, cinnamon sticks etc...This was my first coffee/hot chocolate buffet and I loved designing it and working outside of just candy itself. It was such an honor to be asked to help Lindsey with her special day! I do have to comment that Lindsey is the most laid back bride I have ever worked with and allowed me to do whatever I wanted...her only request was cherry laffy taffy! :)

I hope you enjoy these photos courtesy of JMM Photography.