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Candy With Meaning

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Orange Slices

Have you considered the ancestry that brought you to where you are today? Dulce Designs can provide historically accurate candies from your family history. Whether it is traditional orange slices from Eastern Europe or Italian Candied almonds, carefully selected candies can help tell your story.

For a recent wedding, Dulce Designs was hired to provide a spectacular candy buffet with special meaning.

Here's what the bride had to say:

John and I met because we are both huge fans of Bruce Springsteen.  We have both been fans since each of us were in high school.  In fact we got engaged at a Bruce concert at Giants Stadium!  We are also both into playing music - John is a professional violinist, and I can play the piano as a hobby.  When we were planning our wedding, we wanted the location to be classy, elegant, and meaningful to us and to our families and guests.  As soon as we walked into Music Hall, we knew that we had to get married here.  John's violin teacher when he was a boy was concert master here for 40 years, and the beauty of the building was spectacular.  One of our early dates had been to Music Hall to see the opera Carmen. Each of our family's cultural and ethnic histories are also very important to both of us, so we wanted to be able to showcase that and share it with our guests.  When I suggested to John that we do a candy buffet as favors for our guests, he suggested that we have candies from around the world, from the countries that our ancestors emigrated from.  We both had old photos of our grandparents, great-grandparents and even great-great grandparents, and we thought that we could put a photo near that candy that went with the country that they came from, with a flag from that country on the candy jar.  We had signs by each jar explaining the country and who the people were in the photos.  This sign was in a little violin place card holder to go with our music theme.

You suggested the treble clef on the bag to tie in with our music theme.  And we also liked your suggestion of having a jar that symbolized each one of us, with butterfingers for John with his photo, and a North Carolina flag for my sister and I, along with our favorite candy, peanut butter cups.  She lives in North Carolina.  You did a great job researching the countries and finding a well rounded selection of candies from each country. It was wonderful to have you set it all up and take it down - I didn't have to worry about a thing, and it looked great!  Our guests really enjoyed it - it was unique and also delicious!

Whether you are planning a wedding, a graduation party or a corporate event, ask us about providing you with historically authentic candies.