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Cincinnati S'more and Candy Display

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Cincinnati Candy Buffet

This past Wednesday was the fabulous Afterhours bridal show at Music Hall in Cincinnati. The turnout was great and I was so very pleased with our display. We met alot of great brides and were able to even meet some new vendors. The show was a total success. I decided to step away from our traditional candy buffet display this show and feature our s'mores buffets, which are perfect for fall/winter weddings or for a more rustic theme. My favorite part of the display besides the centerpiece was the backdrop. I think it really adds to the display and is a great way to incorporate your colors into the buffet.  The backdrop was such a hit at the bridal show that we have decided to start selling them separately or they can be added to a candy buffet package. In addition to the s'mores buffet we were lucky to have Taren with Sweet Petite Desserts contribute some of her yummy chocolate cupcakes and dipped pretzels. Meghan with Design the Date made all of our labels and paper goods. Lastly, we added our iced sugar cookies to the display in the shape of wedding gowns and diamond rings.We are now able to do cookies for any event and the detail on these is nothing short of amazing not to mention they taste wonderful.

We are so excited to be able to offer all of these great new items to our customers and their dessert displays. So contact us today to order your s'mores buffet, candy, cookie or backdrop for your next event!!

Dulce Designs S'mores buffet

Dulce Designs

Popcorn Cones

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Dulce Designs- Ashley Hoskins Photography

One of the newest things brides are asking for on candy buffets is a salty option, and the #1 request is popcorn. The great thing about adding popcorn to your candy buffet is that it is so cute on the display. My favorite way to display them is by making popcorn cones out of cool, colorized paper and setting them in a champagne flute. This makes for great photos!! I am such a sweet lover that it is hard for me to imagine people not being the same way...but that is the case! Not everyone loves sweets so adding popcorn is a nice alternative to keep all guests happy. Other salty options to consider are peanuts, chex mix, pretzels, cheerios etc. The list is endless really! Here is a photo of the latest popcorn cones I added to a candy display this past May, I love the way they turned out. So fun!!

Dulce Designs- Ashley Hoskins Photography

A Winter Wedding

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Winter Wedding: photo courtesy of JMM Photography

I know the last thing we want to think about lately is winter due to this fabulous weather, but I had to share some photos from a candy/coffee buffet I did for a wedding around Valentine's day. The wedding was for my good friend Lindsey and her fiance Mike, whom I might add are such a perfect couple! They had a smaller, more intimate event so the candy buffet that I did reflected that in being a bit smaller itself...but definitely not lacking in deliciousness.  All of the candy itself was red in color and a wide variety from M&M's to licorice. I also had the pleasure to design a coffee/hot chocolate buffet (which was perfect for this snowy night). This particular buffet included marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, chocolate covered espresso mix, cinnamon sticks etc...This was my first coffee/hot chocolate buffet and I loved designing it and working outside of just candy itself. It was such an honor to be asked to help Lindsey with her special day! I do have to comment that Lindsey is the most laid back bride I have ever worked with and allowed me to do whatever I wanted...her only request was cherry laffy taffy! :)

I hope you enjoy these photos courtesy of JMM Photography.

A Gold and White Candy Buffet

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Dulce Designs

I have to take one quick second to brag...I really do have some fabulous brides that I work with! This past July's couple was no exception and so in love are they. I worked closely with Liz to design a candy buffet that matched her wedding decor and also that included her pets and love for animals. The result was fabulous and she was even so kind as to share some photos with me to post on here. Here is what she had to say about her candy buffet, "Working with Angela was the easiest part of my whole wedding. She was prompt and receptive to my ideas--even when I had a bridezilla moment and decided to replace my entire order. The Candy Bar looked beautiful--and, of course, yummy. My photographer must have thought so as well--because we have about 15 photos of it from many different angles! It's also refreshing to see a young woman in Cincy starting her own business. Angela's professionalism and creativity were second to none--and I can't tell you how much I appreciate her flexibility and responsiveness." And by the way Liz was in NO WAY  a bridezilla...she was awesome to work with and so organized!!!

Thank you Jeff and Liz...I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Dulce Designs

Dulce Designs

Dulce Designs

Dulce DesignsAll labels and signs are courtesy of: Design the Date

Fall 2011 Bridal Shows

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As you all may know we have been super busy with bridal shows this fall! We participated in two wonderful bridal shows one at The Newport Aquarium and the other one for A Bride's Concierge held at Paul Brown Stadium...both shows combined had almost 500 brides. It was so much fun to combine talents with Sweet Petit Desserts to create a dessert buffet for all the bride's and groom's to check out. We love working together and the options for dessert buffets is endless! Check out the below combination photo from our shows and email me  for more information on how to have a dessert buffet at your next event. Dulce Designs

A Sprinkle for Kennedy

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One of my best friends, Nicole, is only weeks or days away from delivering her second beautiful baby and this time it is a girl! Her first child is a ridiculously cute little boy named CJ and her second bundle of joy is going to be named Kennedy Nicole. I could not be more excited for her and her family as they prepare to welcome their new addition to the family. The minute I found out that she was having a girl I knew that I had to throw a shower for her filled with great desserts and everything pink! So our other dearest friend Jen and I decided to throw Nicole and baby Kennedy a "sprinkle" as this was her second child. The fact that the second baby shower for a momma after her first born is called a sprinkle only made our theme that much easier. We decided to have sprinkles on everything...and thus the dessert table planning began! As you all know I am not a baker but my Jen and her fabulous mother- in-law are so with their baking and my designing we were overflowing with ideas. Besides the dessert buffet filled with goodies we decided to have a "cravings corner" filled with food that Nicole has been craving during this pregnancy. The food included: McDonald's chicken nuggets with hot mustard (which is a must for Nicole), sushi, watermelon, spinach and strawberry salad, and mini big boy sandwiches. Instead of a game we opted to have everyone design and create their own headband for baby Kennedy and Nicole would pick her favorite of them all and the designer of that headband would win a prize. This left Nicole with over 15 extra headbands to add to Kennedy's already insane wardrobe! One of the last details we had for the sprinkle was to have everyone "leaf their thumbprint and name" on a framed printed picture of a tree to be hung in the nursery (I had this designed from to match her nursery perfectly).

Jen and I were so happy to throw Nicole and baby such a successful baby sprinkle and we cannot wait to meet, what we know, is going to be a GORGEOUS baby Kennedy...just like her momma!


Pink and Green Cincinnati Candy Buffet

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The day after I did the peacock themed wedding was my pink and green wedding, that I have been looking forward to forever! Melissa and Bill were such a fun couple and went with a vintage themed wedding in pink and greens and the candy buffet was colorized to match. Something  unique she did was provide and make her own candy boxes for the guests as the seating chart. So the minute they walked in the door they grabbed their candy box and attached to the box was a note telling them to help themselves to the candy buffet...which they immediately started doing. I was a candy buffet attendant at this gorgeous wedding and I am so thrilled she decided to have an attendant. I highly recommend it if you are doing a seating chart/candy box combo! The minute the guests arrived, while waiting on the bridal party, they came to the candy buffet and instantly a line formed almost to the back door. Being an attendant I was able to keep things full and clean and it was so fun to hear how much everyone loved this. Alot of them had never seen a candy buffet at a wedding before and they adored it! I was also  stationed right  next to the martini luge...where one of the drinks of the night was cotton candy martini's, perfect! I never even knew cotton candy vodka existed...they didn't have that in my college days. I purchased pinwheels in pink and green from Elizabeth St, whom I adore her work and the cotton candy was courtesy of Sugar Bunch Creations...both from

Here is what the bride had to say about the candy buffet, "It was a great hit my mom said she had never seen people wait in line the way they did for my wedding I think it was the chinese take-out box and the note card on the side that worked like magic. Thanks so much for working with all my special requests I could not be more happy with the results."

Here are a few photos from this spectacular wedding, one of the most beautiful I have ever been to...the bride did an amazing job decorating.

Cincinnati candy buffet

Cincinnati candy buffet

Cincinnati candy buffet

Peacock Themed Cincinnati Candy Buffet

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I had the pleasure of working with one of my husband's co-workers, Amy and her fiance Matt, designing a candy buffet for their May 28th wedding. The wedding itself took place at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral downtown Cincinnati and the reception immediately following at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza. She decided to do her wedding in rich jewel tones and peacock feathers. Her invitations were to die for and created by Robyn at  Meant to be sent. I also got in touch with Robyn and had her create the candy labels and stickers for the candy bags so that they would match the invites perfectly, she was so great to work with!

She had a variety of candies from sour patch kids to mini candy bars and as her specialty candies which are included in the Moderately Divine candy buffet package we offer she chose caramel popcorn cones and personalized Hershey kisses. For her table centerpiece I had Christie from Love in Letters create a beautiful print detailing all of the wedding information, which was also part of the gift my husband and I gave the lovely couple. It all turned out great and I was thrilled with the outcome! This was a wedding where I actually attended as a guest so I got to experience the candy buffet being enjoyed by all of the guests, who seemed to really love it.

Cincinnati candy buffet

Everyone at the Hilton was so great to work with and I hope to do many more events there in the future! Congratulations again to the newlyweds Matt and Amy, I wish  you all the happiness in the world!