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Sweet Dulce Events

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Julie and TylerPhoto by Amy Wallot,  July 12, 2014

The past few months we have been busy busy helping to sweeten events from weddings to trade shows. Here are some photos of dessert and candy tables that we had the pleasure of creating and another was a DIY display a customer did on their own with tips and tricks from our eBook! Venue: Cooper Creek Country Club Design, cookies and candy courtesy of Dulce Designs Candy labels courtesy of OKOTA

Venue: Fasig-Tipton (Lexington, Ky) Design, cookies and candy courtesy of Dulce Designs Cake, macaroons and eclairs courtesy of National Provisions Candy labels courtesy of OKOTA Photography courtesy of Hilly Photography

Brown WeddingAn example of a candy buffet created using our DIY eBook: The below candy display was created for Crematory Manufacturing & Service in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Doth Brands for a trade show they attended for the National Funeral Director's Association in Nashville, TN. Dulce Designs was a consultant to Doth Brands and provided candy bar creative direction. For more information on Crematory Manufacturing & Service you can download the following 60 page ebook called Tempero Ignis.

The following is a sneak peek of a candy display we did this past weekend at the Northern Kentucky Convention soon as we get pictures back we will be sure to load them!


Ivy Hills Bridal Show

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We were so pleased to be asked to do a candy buffet for such a great bridal show in Cincinnati this coming weekend. My parents have belonged to Ivy Hills for as long as I can remember and I can tell you first hand how wonderful their events are. From weddings to private parties...they have everything you need to make your event a huge success and the staff is wonderful. So come check us out tomorrow March 2, 2013 from 12-4pm at Ivy Hills Country Club. We will also be doing a giveaway...hooray!

Hope to see you all there!!

Ivy Hills Bridal Show

Midnight Snack

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One of my new favorite trends right now with weddings are midnight snacks that the bride and grooms are offering their guests. After a night of dancing and celebrating this is the perfect send off for your guests. For Cincinnati weddings it would be cute to give away Skyline chili dogs. I also like the idea of giving away bagels or doughnuts for the next morning! Another great idea is candy or popcorn buffets!!! I'm sure you knew I was going to add that! :)

Midnight snack

Banner Giveaway

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GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT...We are doing a banner giveaway!! We will be making a banner of YOUR CHOICE for free, this is perfect for upcoming weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, dessert tables etc. To enter is super easy, just go to facebook and "like" the post announcing the offer and you will be entered in the drawing. To increase your chances simply "share" the post! Deadline to enter is this Thursday.

Stay tuned for more awesome giveaways coming soon!!

Cincinnati candy buffet

Pretty in Pink...Cincinnati Candy Buffet

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I know that emerald green is the color of the year and a lot of people choose bold/bright colors for events these days...but there is just something so subtly sweet about a soft pink! I love it paired with gold and am really wanting to pair the color combo together. The candy options are so yummy and look very elegant when put in apothecary jars. Pretty in Pink...Cincinnati candy buffet

So...If you are in the Cincinnati area and are thinking about doing a soft pink color for a dessert or candy buffet, contact us for 10% off. Good now through March 2013.

Just mention Pretty in Pink!!

Cincinnati Candy Buffet Company--Now Offering Custom Cookies

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Dulce Designs cookies

That's correct...we are so pleased to announce that we now offer custom sugar cookies.  These cookies are so yummy and can be decorated to match the theme for ANY event. Although we are a Cincinnati candy buffet company we are able to ship them anywhere in the U.S. for you if you would like to send them as a gift. Contact us today to order these fabulous custom cookies!!

Dulce Designs Cookies

Dulce Designs cookies

Dulce Designs Cookies

Dulce Designs Cookies

National Popcorn Day

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Dulce Designs

is this Saturday January 19th, who knew this day existed?! I had no clue and it just so happens we have booked our very first ALL popcorn buffet on this very fun is that?! I found this below information courtesy of, popcorn bar

National Popcorn Day

It’s National Popcorn Day! Americans eat about 16 billion quarts of popcorn each year (about 51 quarts per person), which makes it one of the most popular snacks in the country. It is also one of the oldest.

Popcorn has been around for centuries. It is one of six main varieties of corn. (The others are pod, sweet, flour, dent, and flint.) Popcorn originated in Mexico, but eventually made its way north. In 1948, archaeologists in the state of New Mexico discovered ancient popcorn ears that were at least 5,600 years old! The Native Americans (in both North and South America) popped their corn by throwing it on hot stones over a fire.

Today, we rely heavily on microwaveable popcorn, which was introduced in the 1980s. To celebrate National Popcorn Day, make your favorite kind of popcorn and enjoy it while watching a movie with your friends!

We are so excited to be doing a popcorn buffet for such a beautiful couple this weekend. They chose 8 popcorn flavors which include: Salt and Vinegar, Cheddar, Buffalo Ranch, Caramel, Peanut Butter, Butter, Chocolate and Banana Split. I cannot wait to post more photos after the event. We would love to help you with a popcorn buffet for your next event, contact us today for more information!

Dulce Designs

Emerald Green

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Dulce Designs

They recently just announced the Pantone color of the year for 2013 and it is emerald green! Color of the year

To be honest I am not usually a green person but I love this rich, deep shade of green. One of my favorite colored candy buffets to do is one with green just photographs so well and there are great flavor options. Emeralds occur in hues ranging from yellow-green to blue-green, with the primary hue necessarily being green. Yellow and blue are the normal secondary hues found in emeralds. That could be why  such a wonderful color combo for a candy/dessert buffet is green and blue. A couple of seasons ago we did this exact combo and the results were beautiful and yummy!!

Cincinnati candy buffet

Check out the photos below for some emerald green inspiration!

Dulce Designs

Dulce Designs

Dulce Designs, cincinnati candy buffet

Dulce Designs

Cincinnati S'more and Candy Display

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Cincinnati Candy Buffet

This past Wednesday was the fabulous Afterhours bridal show at Music Hall in Cincinnati. The turnout was great and I was so very pleased with our display. We met alot of great brides and were able to even meet some new vendors. The show was a total success. I decided to step away from our traditional candy buffet display this show and feature our s'mores buffets, which are perfect for fall/winter weddings or for a more rustic theme. My favorite part of the display besides the centerpiece was the backdrop. I think it really adds to the display and is a great way to incorporate your colors into the buffet.  The backdrop was such a hit at the bridal show that we have decided to start selling them separately or they can be added to a candy buffet package. In addition to the s'mores buffet we were lucky to have Taren with Sweet Petite Desserts contribute some of her yummy chocolate cupcakes and dipped pretzels. Meghan with Design the Date made all of our labels and paper goods. Lastly, we added our iced sugar cookies to the display in the shape of wedding gowns and diamond rings.We are now able to do cookies for any event and the detail on these is nothing short of amazing not to mention they taste wonderful.

We are so excited to be able to offer all of these great new items to our customers and their dessert displays. So contact us today to order your s'mores buffet, candy, cookie or backdrop for your next event!!

Dulce Designs S'mores buffet

Dulce Designs


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We are taking our first family vacation this week to Rosemary Beach, Florida! This is Nolan's first time at the beach and I am so excited to travel as a family (besides the dreaded car ride). I am so eager to go in and check out the local candy store, Sugar Shack, on this trip as I have heard great things about it. So off to the beach we go...I will be back to blogging when we get back!

Wish us luck and lets all hope that the hurricane decides to skip over us. If not this will definitely be a story to add in the baby book! :)

Sugar Shack

Minimally Grand Package Review

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Dulce Designs

You may remember in February when I first created and posted about our newest DIY package, if not check it out here. Well, we were super excited to book our first wedding with this package to take place this past June. This worked out perfectly because I was still on maternity leave so I was able to still purchase some decor and stay busy with Dulce without stressing myself out with a large wedding to prepare for. My bride for this wedding, Lauren, was amazing to work with and incredibly sweet!! The result was fabulous and I cannot wait to book more DIY packages in the future. Here is what Lauren had to say about her experience with Dulce Designs and also some photos she took and was kind enough to send me of the candy buffet she created with my decor and supplies.

"Angela is fabulous! She worked with me to develop a unique package where I was able to rent her jars and scoops for a small fee and then I bought my own candy and assembled the buffet. Angela even gave me ribbons and bows to match my colors as well as using Disney font for the candy labels to go with our Disney theme. She was extremely flexible and sweet whenever we talked, and it is obvious that she loves what she does. I would highly recommend Angela at Dulce Designs for a candy buffet!"

Dulce Designs

Dulce Designs

Thanks again Lauren, I wish you and your new husband all the happiness in the world!!

For more information on renting some of our supplies and decor with our Minimally Grand package contact us today, it is a perfect addition to any event!

Sparkler Send Offs

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If there was one thing I would have added to my wedding it would have been the sparkler send off. I love this idea and think it makes great photos! I am a big believer in the bride and groom leaving the event first and then the guests follow afterwards. Having a sparkler send off is the perfect way for your guests to bid you farewell! This is best done at night...your wedding coordinator should have your guests form two lines so you guys can walk through. You want to make sure you purchase the correct sparklers, I have heard to use 36 inch sparklers since they are longer you avoid burning your fingers. Remember to hold them away from your clothes! I suggest making sure your venue is ok with the use of sparklers and have a pail ready to discard the sticks in afterwards.  Lastly, I suggest making sure your photographer has experience with taking photos of sparkler send offs. Here are some photos I found with awesome sparkler send off ideas!

Sparkler send off

Photo courtesy of Garrett Nudd photography

Photo courtesy of Nicole Hill Gerulat

Spring Color Trend 2012

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Happy spring!! This is by far my most favorite season of the year, even though in Ohio lately it has felt more like summer with this 80+ degree weather. I have started with all my spring cleaning, the windows are open, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming...and I love it all. This is also one of my favorite seasons for weddings! Spring- photo from

One thing I really like to take a look at each year is the spring color trends and Pantone (the color experts) have released the spring colors for 2012. I am in love with these colors and could tell by shopping lately that bright colors were going to be in.  The more softer more natural tones like Starfish and Driftwood really surprised me but in a great way as I am one for neutral tones. One of the most popular colors with my brides so far for 2012 events is a dark blue, similar to Sodalite Blue with a yellow similar to Solar Power being a close second. I would love to see more events, clothes and decor in the Tangerine color..this is one of my new favorite colors for Spring all around.

I now cannot wait to go shopping!!

Pantone 2012 Spring Color Report

“We love the mix of hot neon colors with soft pastels, reminiscent of nature at its extremes: a powerful sunset, the ocean sparkling at dusk with flashes of lightning in the distance” -Nanette Lepore

A Gold and White Candy Buffet

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Dulce Designs

I have to take one quick second to brag...I really do have some fabulous brides that I work with! This past July's couple was no exception and so in love are they. I worked closely with Liz to design a candy buffet that matched her wedding decor and also that included her pets and love for animals. The result was fabulous and she was even so kind as to share some photos with me to post on here. Here is what she had to say about her candy buffet, "Working with Angela was the easiest part of my whole wedding. She was prompt and receptive to my ideas--even when I had a bridezilla moment and decided to replace my entire order. The Candy Bar looked beautiful--and, of course, yummy. My photographer must have thought so as well--because we have about 15 photos of it from many different angles! It's also refreshing to see a young woman in Cincy starting her own business. Angela's professionalism and creativity were second to none--and I can't tell you how much I appreciate her flexibility and responsiveness." And by the way Liz was in NO WAY  a bridezilla...she was awesome to work with and so organized!!!

Thank you Jeff and Liz...I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Dulce Designs

Dulce Designs

Dulce Designs

Dulce DesignsAll labels and signs are courtesy of: Design the Date

Newport Aquarium Bridal Show

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We are so excited to be combining our talents with Sweet Petit Desserts for the upcoming bridal show at The Newport Aquarium. Sweet Petit Dessert and Dulce Designs have decided to offer brides the choice of having a delectable dessert buffet which includes bite sized desserts as well as candy! This is really something for everyone and we have packages for every budget. We have had the pleasure to work on a few events together and it has been a total success. Sweet Petit Desserts has recently begun making cake pops for all Busken bakeries and they are flying off the shelves, so to have their yummy desserts added to our display is a real honor to us! sweet petit desserts

Come out to the Newport Aquarium Bridal Show this Thursday October 6th, 2011 from 7-10pm to see our display and enter to win $100 off of one of our dessert displays for your next event. We hope to see you all there!!

Newport Aquarium

Shoe Envy

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Where does the love for great shoes come from?! Maybe it all began with childhood movies like The Wizard of Oz and those great ruby slippers or Cinderella's glass shoe...either way, girls just love shoes. So it should be no surprise that every bride wants a great pair of heels or unique shoes for her wedding day. One of my absolute FAVORITE trends right now is the pop of color bride's are wearing on their feet under that beautiful white/ivory gown. It is just so unexpected and also makes for great photos! Whatever color you choose is up to can match your bridesmaid dresses, be your something "blue" or just your favorite color.  Here are some photos I found to help give you future bride's some inspiration.

So maybe Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life!! colorful-bridal-shoes

Red shoes

Carrie Bradshaw's wedding shoes

Photo credits-

Photo 1: Bride with Yellow Shoes by Jose Villa, Bride with Red Shoes by TheKnot, Bride with Blue Shoes by Leigh Taylor, Bride with Purple Shoes by Bristol Wedding Photography

Photo 2: Beautiful bridal blog

Photo 3:

Photo 4: Warner Bros, Manolo Blahnik

Pink and Green Cincinnati Candy Buffet

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The day after I did the peacock themed wedding was my pink and green wedding, that I have been looking forward to forever! Melissa and Bill were such a fun couple and went with a vintage themed wedding in pink and greens and the candy buffet was colorized to match. Something  unique she did was provide and make her own candy boxes for the guests as the seating chart. So the minute they walked in the door they grabbed their candy box and attached to the box was a note telling them to help themselves to the candy buffet...which they immediately started doing. I was a candy buffet attendant at this gorgeous wedding and I am so thrilled she decided to have an attendant. I highly recommend it if you are doing a seating chart/candy box combo! The minute the guests arrived, while waiting on the bridal party, they came to the candy buffet and instantly a line formed almost to the back door. Being an attendant I was able to keep things full and clean and it was so fun to hear how much everyone loved this. Alot of them had never seen a candy buffet at a wedding before and they adored it! I was also  stationed right  next to the martini luge...where one of the drinks of the night was cotton candy martini's, perfect! I never even knew cotton candy vodka existed...they didn't have that in my college days. I purchased pinwheels in pink and green from Elizabeth St, whom I adore her work and the cotton candy was courtesy of Sugar Bunch Creations...both from

Here is what the bride had to say about the candy buffet, "It was a great hit my mom said she had never seen people wait in line the way they did for my wedding I think it was the chinese take-out box and the note card on the side that worked like magic. Thanks so much for working with all my special requests I could not be more happy with the results."

Here are a few photos from this spectacular wedding, one of the most beautiful I have ever been to...the bride did an amazing job decorating.

Cincinnati candy buffet

Cincinnati candy buffet

Cincinnati candy buffet

Peacock Themed Cincinnati Candy Buffet

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I had the pleasure of working with one of my husband's co-workers, Amy and her fiance Matt, designing a candy buffet for their May 28th wedding. The wedding itself took place at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral downtown Cincinnati and the reception immediately following at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza. She decided to do her wedding in rich jewel tones and peacock feathers. Her invitations were to die for and created by Robyn at  Meant to be sent. I also got in touch with Robyn and had her create the candy labels and stickers for the candy bags so that they would match the invites perfectly, she was so great to work with!

She had a variety of candies from sour patch kids to mini candy bars and as her specialty candies which are included in the Moderately Divine candy buffet package we offer she chose caramel popcorn cones and personalized Hershey kisses. For her table centerpiece I had Christie from Love in Letters create a beautiful print detailing all of the wedding information, which was also part of the gift my husband and I gave the lovely couple. It all turned out great and I was thrilled with the outcome! This was a wedding where I actually attended as a guest so I got to experience the candy buffet being enjoyed by all of the guests, who seemed to really love it.

Cincinnati candy buffet

Everyone at the Hilton was so great to work with and I hope to do many more events there in the future! Congratulations again to the newlyweds Matt and Amy, I wish  you all the happiness in the world!

Champagne and Truffle Cincinnati Candy Buffet

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For the past couple of months I have had the ultimate privilege of working with an amazing bride. Aaron called me awhile back and we had a phone consultation where we discussed her future event in much detail and exactly what she was looking for in a candy buffet. Her colors were champagne and truffle and I wanted to make sure that we had candies in her specific colors to really tie into her whole event decor. She was an amazing bride to work with and they are such a beautiful couple both inside and out...we at Dulce Designs wish them a lifetime of happiness! Tres and Aaron

Tres and Aaron

Tres and Aaron's Love Story (directly from their wedding website):

Tres and I met at Northern Kentucky University in 2003 at a student organization trip to Gatlinburg. That weekend was the first time we ever spoke, although our paths had crossed a few times previously on campus. We began as casual acquaintances that grew into a much closer friendship over the next few months. We began dating we are counting the days until our wedding! Tres joined the United States Army in March of 2009 and completed his training in November 2009. On February 1, 2010 he received a phone call that he would be deployed to Iraq on March 1, 2010 for a 12 month tour. Despite our initial shock we immediately prepared for the time apart, and were both elated when we found out he would be sent home 6 weeks ahead of schedule. We have remained best friends over the years we have dated, and the challenges we have faced have strengthened our relationship with each other and our faith in God. It is amazing how much we have grown with each other's help and guidance, and we pray God will give us many more years of happiness, friendship and love.

Cincinnati Candy Buffet

Here is what  Aaron had to say about Dulce Designs and her candy buffet:

I originally wanted a candy buffet and assumed I would do it myself...until I considered how much work it would be! Fortunately I ran across Dulce Designs and it was the best choice I could have made to complete our wedding! Angela is so professional and fun, and you can tell that she is passionate about what she does. She always responded to emails promptly, was very fair and honest in her pricing, and delivered more than I anticipated she would for our wedding. Our candy buffet was torn up by our guests before dinner was served; everyone is still talking about it! Our buffet was truly customized to match our truffle and champagne colors and I would recommend her to anyone at anytime for anything.Thank you Angela; you made our wedding extra special

Doughnut Buffets

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I am really into unique buffet ideas for weddings right now. While researching some new things online the other day I came across some photos of different buffets that events are having. One of my favorites was having a doughnut/breakfast food buffet set up so that as guests leave your event they can grab a snack to enjoy then or even eat for breakfast the following morning. The idea of a breakfast buffet is also appropriate for a morning /early afternoon reception or a bridesmaids brunch.  You can do an all doughnut buffet or you can do doughnuts but also add in some other breakfast favorites like bagels with different cream cheeses, muffins, cereal bars etc... There are just so many different edible favor options for all of your guests to enjoy!

Here are some super cute photos I found to help illustrate the idea

The first three photos are courtesy of and the last is from Divine Order Photography.

Also, if you are reading this and are a future bride in the Cincinnati/NKY area I hope to see you this Thursday May 19th at The Element's Afterhours bridal show from 8-11pm!! - martha stewart wedding1.jpg