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Chocolate and Chick-lit

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Barbara O'Neal

So I have been MIA for the past couple of days because I have still been still struggling with this darn cold...but due to some amoxicillin I am feeling all better and ready to blog away!! One thing about not feeling well is that you get alot of reading time in. I read two books during this little that is on the Chick-lit book list and one that is not. The first one I am just going to briefly discuss as I did not care for it. Smart Girls Like Me by Diane Vidano... this book takes place in New York City and is about a girls (Betsy) inside struggle with her best friends wedding and not having a relationship of her own. Betsy  jumps in a relationship with a co-worker whom she has been crushing on forever and then realizes that he is not as good as he was in her imagination. She struggles on being happy for her best friend while trying to find happiness on her own.  Her character was hard for me to relate to and to be honest was not all that likable and her harsh feelings about her best friends wedding were sometimes annoying. The only plus to this book is the sometimes witty comments thrown in here or there, other than that I would only rate it about a 3 on a 10 point scale....just my opinion though!

The next book that I just finished was How to Bake a Perfect Life by Barbara O'Neal...this book is not on the book list. My husband purchased this book for me one day while at Target...I was totally surprised with such a cute gift and immediately imagined him in the book aisle reading the back of books to see which one I would enjoy most (love him). Boy was he ever right as I could not put this book down!! It tells the story of a head strong, restaurant owning family with different views and opinions. This book touches on love lost, teenage angst, war, pregnancy, mother/daughter relationships and love found when you least expect it. The amount of detail put into this book is unreal and you feel like you are right there with them all and can almost taste the wonderful breads baked by Ramona and her family while also relating to struggles they face. I would recommend this book to anyone especially food lovers, you will see why once you start reading!! I cannot wait to read more books by Barbara O'Neal and am surprised she is not somewhere on the Smart Chick-list as a must read author.

Now for the chocolate part! I fell in love with Dolce Frutta the night before my wedding when my dear friend Nicole brought it over for us girls to snack on while doing our nails and other girly slumber party activities. Ever since then I have had not only a sentimental attachment to this delicious dessert (as it reminds me of my wedding and great friends) but it is also just so darn good! It is so easy to melt in the microwave and you can dip anything in it: strawberries, rice crispy treats, bananas, cookies, pretzels etc... I highly recommend this to anyone who loves chocolate and wants to make a quick and fun dessert at home! You can find it at your local grocery store and costs less than $4...I promise you will love it!