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Chocolate and Chick-lit

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So I have been super busy attempting to keep water out of my basement from all this flooding and preparing for of all my May weddings/events and have neglected my blog, I apologize! However, I have been reading books like a crazy woman so I have a few to chat about in today's Chocolate and Chick-lit. As you all know I loved Barbara O'Neals latest book, How to Bake a Perfect Life, this probably because it talks about some fabulous recipes that if I were a baker I would totally try. Anyhow, since I loved her newest book so much I decided to give another one a try...The Lost Recipe for Happiness. This author has a serious love for all things food as this book too deals with food and a restaurant like setting, I am not complaining though except with every chapter I read it made me hungrier and hungrier!  I swear I have gained 5 lbs by just reading her fab books. The Lost Recipe for Happiness is a very touching book dealing with love, divorce, loss, work and pain. The main character is a tough lady named Elena, who after a traumatic childhood and haunting adventures afterward is given the opportunity to become executive chef for celebrity owner, Julian Liswood's new restaurant opening in Aspen. Julian is a divorced father who immediately falls for Elena however, Elena must get over her past and her fear of losing those she loves before she can ever consider loving again. I think this book was fabulous but predictable. I would recommend this for a quick beach day/lazy Sunday read. In my opinion this was not as good as the previous book I read but it was still great.

The next book I read has become one of my absolute favorites...Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. This is such an amazing book that reminded me of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. My best friends husband recommended that I give this a try and I am so happy that I did. I knew I wanted to see the movie because it has hottie Robert Pattinson (always Edward to me) and cutsy Reese Witherspoon and now after reading the book I am all that much more excited to see this film! This book is a love story that takes place in a circus environment between Jacob, the animal vet/caregiver and Marlena, a performer and wife to the head trainer. I must say I was nervous to read a circus book because I did not know what to expect, I now have so much knowledge about how circus' were years ago. This story is so moving and has so many story lines that the minute I began reading I could not put it down. Give this book a try today!!!

For the chocolate portion of today's blog I am actually going to really talk about something that is chocolaty...usually not a favorite of mine as I am a chewy candy lover!  My husband introduced me to Cadbury Mini Eggs and I cannot stop eating these yummy sweets. They have a harder outer shell and a milk chocolate center and I have to warn you they are addicting. I know many of you reading this are shocked that I have not tried these before but it is true...and boy have I been missing out!!