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Fall Cocktails

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I have a new favorite show on Bravo called...Eat, Drink, Love that I watch religiously every Thursday night.
My husband even likes it too...secretly because I know he has a teensy crush on Jess! Anyway, there is a mixologist on the show and I think her job sounds so amazing that it really has me wanting to make new cocktails to try for Fall. Hence, this post!! Below is a cocktail that I think looks and sounds yummy!
Fall Cocktail
1 cup apple cider
splash of pomegranate juice
splash of rum
Combine ingredients and ice in a cocktail shaker and mix.  If desired, warm apple cider and pomegranate juice first, pour in a glass, and then stir in a shot of rum and serve.
Here is another list of cocktails courtesy of a Cosmo 2010 magazine article I found, I really would love to try the smashing pumpkin drink.
I hope you enjoy...cheers!