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Fun Halloween Foods

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I am in love with these party food recipes for Halloween. I found this great party site, One Charming Party, that I highly recommend to get ideas for any event you have coming up. They have the cutest ideas and very easy to follow how to's...just like the recipes below provided directly from their website from a classroom Halloween party they designed. I love how they explain in detail how to have the children do this themselves. I love baking with kids and cannot wait until my little one can join me in the kitchen.

I will definitely be making these owl cupcakes for my next party!!

Food: Owl Cupcakes.

Supplies: chocolate cupcakes in brown cupcake wrappers (0r white–your choice), chocolate frosting, Oreo type cookies, Reese’s Pieces, plastic knives or something else to frost cupcakes

Let each child make their own owl cupcake. You might want to have one made ahead of time as an example. Each child will need: a cupcake, frosting, two Oreos, two brown and one orange Reese’s Pieces. Have students frost their cupcake. Next, untwist two Oreos then carefully push two brown candies onto the white part of the Oreos. Place the Oreo eyes onto the cupcake. Then put an orange candy on its side between the eyes to make the owl beak.

Food: Fruit Bat Kebabs.

Supplies: a variety of fruit (we used green grapes, pineapple, and strawberries), skewers, plastic bat rings, hot glue gun, scissors

You’ll need to make these before the party. Cut the ring part off of the bat rings. Trim the skewers shorter if needed. Hot glue the bat to the top of the skewer. Slide fruit onto the skewer. If you are worried about the pointy end, you could trim that off after you have put the fruit on.

Food: Spidery Cheese & Crackers.

Supplies: cheese cubes, crackers, toothpicks, plastic spider rings, hot glue gun, scissors

These also need to be made ahead of time. Cut the ring part off of the spider rings. You’ll need to use flat top toothpicks or trim pointy toothpicks down. Hot glue the spiders to the top of the toothpicks. Or, if you have double pointed toothpicks, you can try poking the bottom of the spiders into the top point of the toothpicks. Stick the spidery toothpicks into cubes of cheese atop a cracker.