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We hope you all had a happy Easter filled with family, great friends and yummy food. We celebrated at our house this year with our closest friends and family...there were about 8 kiddos and it was so fun to see them hunt for eggs. Holidays with little one's are the best! I noted this Dulce tip on my Facebook page but also wanted to post it here for my followers...if you have an upcoming summer event and plan on doing a candy buffet then now is the perfect time to stock on pastel colored candy at a great price. All Easter candy is now on clearance and if left unopened candy is good for 4-6 months (2 months for chewy candy). e7e298f76c97a663411d4ebe54abfb94

We have been very busy the past few weeks with events! Every year we donate a few items to some wonderful local charities/philanthropies and this year is no exception. We have been excited to work with the Cincinnati Reds for the Reds community fund, The Matthew and Andrew Akin Foundation in their fight to support patients and families at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Autism Speaks and then just two weeks ago we had the honor to make 25 rock candy centerpieces for The Lexington Dream Factory . They turned out beautifully and we were so happy to work with such an amazing organization creating something so unique with candy!







After we did the rock candy centerpieces we hosted a giveaway on our Facebook page guessing how many rock candy pieces were used to make all 25 centerpieces. The winner was Jennifer Fleishman with her guess of 3888...the correct answer was- 3,960 rock candy pieces. Jennifer will be receiving her sweet treat in the mail this week! 

We were very honored to work all of these organizations this year, for more information on donating please click on their following links above or feel free to email me.