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Guest Book Alternatives

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The knot guest book table

Hello All! So sorry about the lack of blogging last week, I was on vacation to Mexico and playing catch up after a vacation is not fun. But on a side note, Mexico was awesome and a very much  needed summer vacation. My husband and I love to travel and try to get away (even for just a weekend) about every other month if possible! Our next destination is to Chicago, one of my favorite cities, for the Dave Matthews Band concert which actually falls on my husbands birthday weekend. He is a HUGE DMB fan...I on the other hand am embarrassed to admit am not a fan. I know...crazy right?! I just cannot get into their music, but I am being a good wife and I think I can get a little shopping out of the deal! Not so bad.

I really have been wanting to blog a bit about guest book alternatives. I love giving brides ideas to make their wedding unique but not super expensive and a great way to do this is with your guest book. I have pulled a few photos from the fabulous to share with you and give you inspiration...feel free to email me your ideas too and I can share them on my blog for others to see.

The knot guest book table

Guest book table: For a unique twist on the guest book, the couple had guests sign squares of fabric the bride had collected from her time studying abroad. The bride is embroidering over the handwritten messages and plans to sew the fabric into a quilt.

The knot typewriter guest book

Typewriter guest book: Guests typed notes for the couple on a cool blue vintage typewriter.

Photo guest book: Guests were encouraged to cheese it up inside the photo booth and paste their photos in the guest book

Modern guest book: For the guest book, friends and family offered their wedding advice to the couple or gave fun date night suggestions.

Tree guest book: For a modern-organic look, the bride and groom asked guests to leave notes on kraft-paper luggage tags and hang them on yellow trees