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Halloween Treats, No Tricks!

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I apologize for not blogging as much lately...I have been a little under the weather this pregnancy! The good news is we are half way there before we get to meet baby Grayson in March. I have mentioned this before in my Halloween posts but we at the Jolley house do not do a spooky Halloween! We are all chickens and I am pretty sure our two year old is braver than his parents. So our house is decked out in smiling pumpkins with no ghosts or goblins anywhere in sight and the scariest show we will watch will be The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. We have a tradition of getting together with my cousin Sarah and her family to celebrate having chili and then going trick or treating. I am so excited for this year because our kids are a bit older and will enjoy the festivities more. While they are still young we take the opportunity to dress them up in themed costumes and this year they are going as a fireman and dalmatian dog.

I thought with so many goodies and sweet treats we will all eat that day that I would do something a little different this year and share some dinner/lunch ideas that are not consumed with sugar...even though we all know that is the best part! These are very easy and festive food ideas perfect for a party you may be hosting or attending.

Halloween foodsI did find this super cute cupcake recipe that I must share!!


 We at Dulce Designs want to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween! For more Halloween treat ideas be sure to follow us on Facebook.