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Happy Halloween!

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spider cupcakes

I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Halloween, not the spooky kind of Halloween anyway. I do not like scary face masks, haunted houses, ghost stories...I cannot even watch commercials about horror movies. Thank goodness  my husband is the same way, we do not like to be scared. I mean our last name is Jolley for goodness sakes!! So when we do Halloween at our house we do cute pumpkins, yummy candies and desserts, sweet ghosts etc. Our son on the other hand loves to be spooked, and peek a-boo and jumping out are some of his favorite past times...he laughs  hysterically. I hope as he grows older he begins to only like "sweet" Halloween like his dad and I, or else we will be drug to horrifying haunted house after horrifying haunted house! So here are some fun and NOT SCARY Halloween ideas and desserts (plus a picture of our little Halloween lover).

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!