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Holiday cookies

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Last night was my 2nd annual girls cookie exchange...where I invite all my dearest friends over for wine, gossip and cookies! The rules are simple: everyone brings 2 dozen cookies and the recipe for your cookies and we all swap so you leave with 2 dozen assorted cookies and the recipes to make them all.  I make sure to do this the Tuesday before Christmas so everyone has the cookies for their holiday guests and Tuesdays seem to be a pretty unevenful night so the turnout is great. Last night we had a great time...sitting around my kitchen table, snacking on appetizers, sharing wine and telling funny stories until late in the evening. It is a much needed girls night that gives me happy energy to last through the holiday stress. We ended up all walking away with 2 dozen yummy cookies consisting of: sugar cookies, butterfinger cookies, chocolate chip cranberry cookies, peanut butter kisses, buckeyes and much more. As the hostess I made 2 different cookies to send home with everyone. The recipe I am going to share today is the reindeer cookies I found and were super easy and fun to make. I am also thinking this would be a great holiday activity to do with kids.