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It's All About Buttons...

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Because bride's and planners today are so very creative and continue to think outside the box with planning and decor, the idea of using buttons in weddings and events has been born and we LOVE it! I feel it gives the wedding that unique, vintagy theme that allows it to stand out from the everyday wedding you may attend, without breaking the bank. This is seriously an idea that anyone could use and the options on how to do so are up to you, so many crafty ideas.

Check out the below photos for inspiration and "button" away!!

Cute seating chart options:

Button Seating Chart

Seating Chart with buttons

Unique button favors:

Button favors

Cupcakes and wedding cake with the added button detailing in chocolate...amazing!

Wedding dress with button details:

Button bouquets courtesy of this awesome Etsy shop...I love supporting small business owners!!