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Let me properly introduce myself…

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I just realized that I have been blogging for a few months time now and have not formerly introduced myself. So here is a little about me and a tid bit more info on what my blog is all about! My name is Angela Jolley and I am the owner of Dulce Designs. I am a 20 something (lets just keep it at that) college graduate with a degree in Psychology, which I believe I use everyday, and have a strong passion for design and business! I am married to my best friend Adam…after kissing a lot of toads I finally met my prince charming, only I didn’t see him as that for awhile because we were such good friends. Together we have two beagle doggies whom we adore and treat as children, very spoiled little girls they are! My friends mean the world to me and act as sisters, counselors, partners in crime, fashion consultants and so much more. My two closest girlfriends are Jen and Nicole…and I am sure I will share stories about them a lot, I think they are the best and are truly hilarious!


Besides my husband, puppies and best friends, chocolate and chick-lit are my favorite things ever! I use the word chocolate very loosely and mean it as sweets in general…chocolate can really be anything sweet and fabulous. Chick-lit is just that…chick literature, not to be confused with chicklet…which I also love and is candy related…I see where the confusion could happen.  Anyway, since I am mildly obsessed with both of these I am going to blog about them weekly…the blogs will be called Chocolate and Chick-lit, here I will discuss a new dessert or candy I am crushing on or just tried as well as a book I am reading at the time (currently I am reading through the smart chick-lit reading list from previous blog entry). My first Chocolate and Chick-lit blog will be coming this week!

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I started Dulce Designs in 2009 after planning my own wedding, see about me on my website for more information about how I got into the candy business. Not only do I love candy and everything to do with candy buffets and desserts…but I love the business part of Dulce Designs: networking, meeting new people, marketing and my new found interest…blogging!

Some of my other fav things are the beach, a great pair of jeans, cardigans, diet coke, benefit make up, interior design, Xavier basketball, organization and Italian! I am not a fan of: exercising (although I am realizing it is a must), cold weather, laundry, high heels, scary movies, tomatoes and making my bed.

So now you know a little bit about the candy blogger for Dulce Designs! Remember to check back this week for my first Chocolate and Chick-lit entry!