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Marshmallow Buffet?!

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Well not really but...for the past bridal show we did at Glendale square we did have marshmallows in place of regular candy because it was going to be warm and I wanted to avoid melting candy! The result was a total success and I really loved the look of it all, it reminded me of what a s'mores buffet would look like. This bridal show was different in that it was just desserts and champagne/spirits provided. It was much smaller which allowed for more one on one conversations with future brides and other vendors. Along with the dessert vendors there were models with wedding gowns on provided by Splendid Bridal, my favorite gown shown below. There were also beautiful table displays showing different linen selections and centerpiece options provided by Sphire Elegance. For the bridal show we partnered with one of my favorite vendors, Taren with Sweet Petit Desserts, and together with her desserts and my design we created a beautiful display that all of our bride's enjoyed! She provided tasty macaroons and I had candy bags to pass out...this added much additional appeal to our table.

We had a great time and really enjoyed the casualness of the event and the fact that it was outdoors. We cannot wait to be apart of the next show!

Dulce Designs

Splendid Bridal Gown

Table Display