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Marshmallow Pops

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Tomorrow is finally the day for the Afterhours Bridal Show and official Launch of A Bride's Concierge! I am so excited to be a vendor for this fabulous is really one of the only bridal shows I like to work anymore.  They get just the right crowd and the variety of vendors is excellent. But I have to admit that besides getting to chat with other wedding professionals and future brides, I am most excited about may all yellow candy buffet that I am designing! I do so many candy buffets that are now colorized and as I have mentioned in past posts, those are really my favorite to design. I have not had the opportunity to have an all yellow and white candy buffet though, so this is very fun for me. There are SO many yummy candies in yellow... for this particular candy buffet I am using:

  • Banana Runts
  • Marshmallow peeps
  • Banana Salt Water Taffy
  • Yellow Jelly Slices
  • Lemon Rock Candy
  • Mini butterfingers
  • Lollipops
  • Mr. Goodbar
  • And Marshmallow pops!

Although 95% of the candy choices are all yellow I also decided to make some marshmallow pops to add to the display. I ordered some super cute mini pinwheels from Elizabeth St. on and I am using these as the sticks for the Marshmallow pops. I have decided to dip the Marshmallow pops in a white chocolate and roll them in coconut for extra yuminess...I just hope everything goes as planned, as I am not "great" in the kitchen.

To make things ALOT easier I found this great recipe/article that I will be using to make my Marshmallow Pops...this looks easy enough right?! This is courtesy of


(Instead of Nestle Toll House Morsels, I am using Wilton's Candy Melts purchased from Michael's and the sticks will be the pinwheels that I purchased from Elizabeth St. on


LINE baking sheet with wax paper.

PUSH each lollipop stick halfway through a large marshmallow; set aside.

MELT white morsels according to package directions. Immediately dip 10 marshmallow lollipops lightly in the melted morsels for a thin coating. Set stick-side-up on prepared baking sheet.

MELT milk chocolate morsels according to package directions. Repeat dipping process as above with remaining marshmallows.

REFRIGERATE marshmallow lollipops for 10 minutes or until hardened. Use decorating icing as glue to decorate with assorted candies.

(I have decided to roll mine in coconut and instead of the "decorating icing" listed above I am just going to do the rolling before the white chocolate dries completely)

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So, tomorrow is the big bridal show and I will be sure to post photos of the finished display afterwards!