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My best friend’s wedding!

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Jens wedding

When my best friend Jen asked me to be in her wedding as her maid of honor I was very honored. When she asked me to then do her candy buffet/favors I was overcome with excitement. Immediately I was flowing with ideas of how to create this beautiful candy buffet that both she and her guests would love! Jen is very laid back and was not into wedding planning at all, but was just ready for the BIG DAY, this is where I stepped in...I am a planner/organizer by nature. I felt like I was getting married all over again; reading bridal magazines, researching vendors and helping Jen to create what would become the best day of her life. Of course, I was not alone in helping her create this beautiful day. She was very blessed  to have such an amazing mother in law, mom, and many friends that love her dearly and were all very eager to contribute in such a special day. My favorite thing about Jen and Ben's wedding was the DIY features they had throughout the event. From Ben's mom, Diana Knoth, making the most delicious cupcakes which acted as the centerpieces on every table. The pieces of fabric that were cut and signed with fabric pens acting as the guest book to later be sewn together as a quilt. The slide show that was made by Jen and detailed by Ben's sister Kara. Flower hanging pots that ran along the aisle of the outside ceremony, also made by the bride herself and some of her fabulous bridesmaids. And then of course, the candy buffet! This was one of my favorite candy buffets that I have decorated to date. It was the perfect combination of chewy candy (the grooms favorite) and chocolates (the brides favorite). The table was accented with paper poms in the wedding colors, engagement pictures and candles.  This candy buffet was a huge hit at the wedding as I was refilling the goodies all night! Jen just told me the other day how she is still receiving compliments on it. Doing something you love is one thing, doing something you love for someone you love is a whole separate joy.

My best friends wedding