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New Year, New Engagements!

WeddingsCole ImperiComment

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and a very happy new year! This is the season for not only gifts and family but also ENGAGEMENTS.  I guarantee that almost all of you reading this blog know at least 1 person that was engaged over the holidays. Just check out your facebook to see all the status updates or new photos of soon to be brides showing off their bling!

Below are a list of the most popular time to pop the question...

  1. Valentines Day – Totally predictable, after all love is in the air this time of year!
  2. Christmas Day – Most people are in the mood to be surrounded by family and loved ones and are feeling very generous this time of year, making it a perfect time to pop the question.
  3. New Years –When the clock strikes midnight everyone is kissing and thinking about the future so it does not surprise me that this day is in the top 3.
  4. Anniversary of the first date – This is a very sweet and romantic day for a couple, a great time to think about the many more years to come.
  5. Girlfriends Birthday – She is expecting a gift so why not an engagement ring?!

So if you were engaged over the holidays or know someone that was be sure to tell them about Dulce Designs for all their candy buffet needs!! Also, be sure to attend all the fabulous bridal shows that Cincinnati has to offer this time of year. Check out this link for more bridal show information: