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Sparkler Send Offs

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If there was one thing I would have added to my wedding it would have been the sparkler send off. I love this idea and think it makes great photos! I am a big believer in the bride and groom leaving the event first and then the guests follow afterwards. Having a sparkler send off is the perfect way for your guests to bid you farewell! This is best done at night...your wedding coordinator should have your guests form two lines so you guys can walk through. You want to make sure you purchase the correct sparklers, I have heard to use 36 inch sparklers since they are longer you avoid burning your fingers. Remember to hold them away from your clothes! I suggest making sure your venue is ok with the use of sparklers and have a pail ready to discard the sticks in afterwards.  Lastly, I suggest making sure your photographer has experience with taking photos of sparkler send offs. Here are some photos I found with awesome sparkler send off ideas!

Sparkler send off

Photo courtesy of Garrett Nudd photography

Photo courtesy of Nicole Hill Gerulat