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Spring Color Trend 2012

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Happy spring!! This is by far my most favorite season of the year, even though in Ohio lately it has felt more like summer with this 80+ degree weather. I have started with all my spring cleaning, the windows are open, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming...and I love it all. This is also one of my favorite seasons for weddings! Spring- photo from

One thing I really like to take a look at each year is the spring color trends and Pantone (the color experts) have released the spring colors for 2012. I am in love with these colors and could tell by shopping lately that bright colors were going to be in.  The more softer more natural tones like Starfish and Driftwood really surprised me but in a great way as I am one for neutral tones. One of the most popular colors with my brides so far for 2012 events is a dark blue, similar to Sodalite Blue with a yellow similar to Solar Power being a close second. I would love to see more events, clothes and decor in the Tangerine color..this is one of my new favorite colors for Spring all around.

I now cannot wait to go shopping!!

Pantone 2012 Spring Color Report

“We love the mix of hot neon colors with soft pastels, reminiscent of nature at its extremes: a powerful sunset, the ocean sparkling at dusk with flashes of lightning in the distance” -Nanette Lepore