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Summer Bash Ideas

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Shape magazine 2011

So we are back from our trip to Chicago...a little more about this before I tell you about the creative summer bash ideas I found. As I mentioned we went to Chicago for my husband's 29th birthday to see the DMB caravan. This was an experience to say the least but I will admit that after the horrible train ride to get there and a broken sandal from the walk/hike to the main entrance, that I actually had a great time. After a few cocktails I even found myself swaying along to some of the songs. We celebrated my husband's birthday Saturday night with a great dinner at David Burke's Primehouse. The dessert was the best part...we ordered a cheesecake lollipop tree and it was just that, miniature cheesecakes on lollipop sticks that were in the shape of a tree. By far the cutest dessert I have ever seen and it was yummy too!! Dessert_LollipopTree Now to get to what the blog post is really about! While flipping through my Shape magazine last week I found this great article in the Women in Action section, written by Annie Lee. It is called Host an Unforgettable Summer Bash and she says:


  • Warm Evenings were made for casual get-togethers, but it's easy to fall into the same old "Come over for some burgers!" habit. Elevate your party and create a more memorable experience by choosing a theme. Here are three of my favorites
    • Stargazing Ask guests to bring binoculars, then print sky maps (go to and plug in your zip code). Serve space-inspired food, like Big Dipper guacamole and MoonPies, alongside traditional BBQ fare.
    • DIY Movie Theater Hang a white sheet on the side of your house and rent a projector. Then set up lounge chairs, blankets, and bowl of popcorn and play a warm-weather film like Grease.
    • Summer Olympics Assign guests to teams and have them compete in events like three-legged races. Prepare some Greek dishes in honor of the first games.

Note: This article was found in Shape's July 2011 issue, page 53.