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Super Bowl Chaos

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I remember when Super Bowls for me meant enjoying a beer with my husband/friends, making a variety of yummy appetizers and eagerly awaiting the half time show...last night I did watch the Super Bowl but I was also making homemade play dough for my son's preschool, eating a Digiorno pizza and dvr'ing the half time show to watch after wrestling my toddler to bed! Life sure has changed but I love the crazy chaos. I am sharing the play dough recipe I used with you all to make for your kiddos. This was SUPER easy and although I was hesitant at first because I just didn't see the play dough forming...after about 7-9 minutes on low heat it really did come together and my son and I enjoyed making a variety of colors.


If you were lucky enough to host a party with your friends here was a fantastic food idea that I shared on my Facebook page earlier last week. I love this because it is perfect for any fall/winter party and very easy to throw together, it even includes some great printable labels! Courtesy of: Celebrations at Home Blog

Photo courtesy of: Celebrations At Home