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Sweet Sayings

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Candy buffets are a great way to make your wedding/event fun and unique! I think a great personal touch is to have a saying on your display that is framed with personalized information included. Here is a list of commonly used sayings on candy buffets:

(image courtesy of flickr)

1. Sweet Dreams 2. Love is Sweet! Enjoy a Treat! 3. Enjoy the Sugar Rush. 4. Love is Sweet! 5. Use the scoop, Use what you like. Leave some for others. Be polite. 6. Step right up to our Candy Buffet. Its a Sweet addition to a wonderful day! 7. Sweet Shoppe. [Insert wedding date] 8. Serving you a little treat, just to say we think you're sweet!

In addition to having a framed saying I recommend adding a few photographs to the display...maybe engagement photos blown up for a wedding or baby pictures for a birthday party! These are small touches that will really add alot of character to your event.

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