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Happy Valentine's Day to you all...whether you are a momma, wife, pet-owner, friend or daughter you have love in your life and today is the day to share it with everyone! Valentine's Day is so much more fun now that we have our son and Pinterest. Thanks to Pinterest I have been able to find all sorts of fun DIY crafts and gift ideas and if you have been following my Facebook posts then you have shared in my finds as well. My husband and I are not big on going out to celebrate...instead we love to get cozy, drink a cocktail, eat Indian food and watch our latest show obsession on Netflix (this month we are into House of Cards!). I am going to do a quick Valentine's Day roundup from all of my fabulous finds I have found on Pinterest and I am even including my VERY OWN first Polyvore (which is an amazing design website, check it out) outfit that I created and will be wearing myself on this special day of love!

I first wanted to share DIY gift ideas...from treat ideas for your kids to make their classmates or a simple idea for you to gift your spouse. I picked my favorites to share with you! I especially love the beer gift idea...which is perfect for my local beer loving husband!

V-day Gift Ideas

Next is a fun kids craft...this is perfect for my son who would rather play with his veggies than eat them!

V-day kids craft

How about something for us adults? I found these fantastic drink cocktails courtesy of Smart School House perfect for the sure to click on the below photo to be taken to the recipes!

Courtesy of Smart School House

Lastly, I wanted to share my Valentine's Day look I created on Polyvore (which is the design website I mentioned before) is not all that different from what I wear any other day but it is perfect for this momma on the go with just a splash of red! All of the jewelry is from Chloe and Isabel...if you see something you like be sure to check out my online boutique!

Casual Friday V-day Wear